The Shaftesbury Hotels Collection is a London.based accommodation group in the very heart of the capital. Located within walking distances from all major tube stations, the Shaftesbury Hotels Collection offers a variety of accommodation strewn all over central London.

Currently holding 22 properties under the Shaftesbury Hotels Collection trademark, it is a growing group of both 3 and 4 star accommodations.

Since its inception in 2000, Shaftesbury has been purchasing under.performing properties and successfully converting them into exclusive accommodations of high standards. In a span of 11 years, it has to its credit, 4 established brands and 22 properties, which can be classified as ‘contemporary’ even by London boutique standards.

The Shaftesbury brand is reflected in our products, services and in the way guests perceive the same.

The Shaftesbury Hotels Collection maintains a meticulously planned aggressive expansion strategy, which has resulted in the current ownership of 22 properties that the company enjoys today, and boasts of a significantly improved sales and market valuation.

Our growth strategy has two aims, namely, the purchase of major hotels in prime locations in London and the development of large scale hotels when property purchases in a given market are not advantageous.


Bringing the heart of London quite literally at your doorstep, The Shaftesbury Hotels Collection prides in providing exclusive accommodation in superb locations around the centre of the city.

Offering an excellent sundry of the ‘famous five’ brands. Elite, Executive, Classic, Suite & Smart that fits both the luxury/business and budget traveller, the Shaftesbury Hotels Collection has become a hallmark of infinite style, comfort and state of the art amenities in ensuring an exceptional stay for all its central London guests.

The fabulous placing across the most prime location in central London. Piccadilly, Kensington, Paddington, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, and Lancaster Gate & close proximity to the major tourist hotspots combine to make our Collection a hot favourite among tourists of all creed.

Modern and timeless, cutting edge and classic, unique and universally hip is what distinguishes the Shaftesbury accommodation and sets it apart from the rest in the city. Whether visitors want to indulge in a lush romantic weekend or close a business deal, Shaftesbury of London strikes the perfect balance and offers the best lodging the city has to offer.

With a variety of rooms to choose from in London’s LEADING LOCATIONS, round the clock complimentary broadband internet & Wi-Fi access to 24 hour room service and reception,, fitness quarters, lounge & bar (in most properties), we have all your needs in mind.

And not for saking your health & safety concerns, following the 2007 UK smoking ban policy, all Shaftesbury Hotels are 100 per cent smoke free.

What’s more, if you book through our official website: or Our Central Reservations, along with FREE INTERNET available anyway.


The Shaftesbury Hotels Collection believes in making the stay a fond and memorable experience for every visitor & turning them to loyal guests for life. We achieve this through our dedicated and efficient staff who treat visitors as individuals and respond to requests with courtesy and promptness.


Let us now walk you through our chic, diverse and tailor made ‘famous five’ products bound to exceed your expectations while fitting your budget.

Featuring on top of the list is the Shaftesbury Elite Collection. With a passion for excellence and impeccable hospitality, this prestigious collection offers some of the best lavish accommodation in fabulous locations with easy connectivity to the city’s major transport links as well as several tourist hotspots and business centres.

What differentiates the Shaftesbury Executive Collection from the other Shaftesbury accommodations is that it is specially targeted at business tourists and tailored accordingly to meet their expectations and requirements.

Designed in a simplistic and charming way, all rooms in these properties offer the latest in technology, be it for entertainment or work making it a perfect stopover for business executives.

The Shaftesbury Classic Collection was envisioned with the idea of providing guests with the choicest selection of hotels distinctive and resplendent in their character and history and fabulously located in the heart of London.

Exuding the charm and warmth of traditional boutique townhouses, this group of accommodation is equipped with all the modern amenities required by today’s most discerning guests.

The Shaftesbury Suite Collection equipped with several upscale amenities & convenient services is geared towards meeting every traveler’s need.

Close to London’s famous amusements and commercial centres, if you’re looking for an extended stay and enjoying London unhurriedly, come treat yourself to the extravagance and splendour of our suites unavailable in standard hotel rooms.

Ensuring reliable standards of quality and service in popular locations across London, the Shaftesbury Smart Collection offers stylish budget accommodation that believes in making your travel experience comfortable, convenient, affordable, and leaves you smiling.

If you want to experience London in a smart and thrifty way whether on leisure or business, Smart Collection is your answer.

Thus with an array of brands to choose from, each of which have been customised to meet the various needs and demands of our diverse clientele; the Shaftesbury group cordially welcomes you to come explore our wide range of lavish accommodation amidst superb ambience and impeccable service.


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May 1, 2016

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